Citizen Science – Resources

Citizen Science – Resources

Sources of Citizen Science Projects


  1. Federal:
  2. Federal:
  3. BC South Coast:
  4. BC WildResearch:
  5. Canadian Wildlife Federation:
  6. Kootenay:
  7. BC Parks Board:
  8. Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia:
  9. BC Honey Producers’ Association:
  10. UBC Geography Dept.
  11. Surrey:
  12. Birds Canada:
  13. Strait of George Data Center:
  14. Langley Environmental Partners Society:
  15. Squamish Environmental Society:
  16. BC Wildlife Federation:
  17. David Suzuki Foundation – BC Butterfly Search:
  18. BC Outer shores:
  19. BC Parks:
  20. False Creek bioblitz:
  21. B.C. Mosquito research:
  22. BC Dragonfly (iNat project):

North American

  1. SciStarter: Well over 2000 projects in North America providing many great ideas.
  2. SciStarter: The projects here are closer to home in BC.
  3. David Suzuki:
  4. Citizen Science Organisation:
  5. Ducks Unlimited:
  6. Ducks Unlimited – Dragonfly:
  7. NASA Science:


  1. IBM:
  2. National Geographic:
  3. National Geographic:
  4. Projects:
  5. Projects:
  6. UK:
  7. Earth watch:

Nature Vancouver Guides

To help you get started in learning and / or observing an area of interest we are searching for sources of information. If you have any recommendations on topics or material to use please contact us:

1. Mushrooms

Books: Mushrooms of BC by Andy MacKinnon and Kem Luther (Royal BC Museum Handbook). The first revision on BC mushrooms in several decades and easy entry for those relatively new to BC mushrooms. Published 2021 with 850 species covered and lots of other information.

iNaturalist: Listing for Oct 25, 2022, Cowichan, BC Mushrooms. Note, try using the new drawing tool provided to look at any part of BC for your favourite mushrooms (or any species):

YouTube: This video explains the background to the Mushrooms of BC Handbook, and shows many great examples. A great addition to the book or just to view it by itself.

2. Ants

Books: Empire of Ants – The Hidden Worlds and Extraordinary Lives of Earth’s Tiny Conquerors by Susanne Foitzik and Olaf Fritsche. Published by The Experiment, LLC in 2021. Ants evolved from bees & wasps about 168 million years ago long before the human species. They farm, communicate, create zombies, and heal their wounded, form super colonies and so much more. This book is filled with current research info, but easy to read. You will be amazed.

iNaturalist: List of Ants in British Columbia as of Nov 2022. There are over 15,000 species worldwide, about 100 identified in British Columbia and 57 so far in iNaturalist.

YouTube: The Ants of British Columbia, Ecological Giants Shadowed by Invasives by Dr. Rob Higgins, TRU. December 2021.

3. Birds

Books: The Birder’s Guide to Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.(Revised and Expanded Edition). Edited by Colin Clasen. Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park, BC. 2016. This publication is available from HARBOUR PUBLISHING.

iNaturalist: As of November 12, 2022 there were over 300,000 observations and just about 500 species. Explore the world of BC birds!

Youtube: Great information for beginners on how to use behavior to help zero in on what birds you are likely seeing.

Nature Vancouver