Walk Along Lynn Creek

Walk Along Lynn Creek

Harbourview and Lynmouth Park North Vancouver

Text and Photos Submitted by Daryl Sturdy

Last weekend (April 25-26) I went for a delightful, easy walk along the lower reaches of Lynn Creek to where it flows into the sea. The path is mostly wide enough to pass the 2 meter test, although at times you might have to stand off to one side or wait for people coming toward you to pass.

Lynn Creek rushes over shallow bars which are subject to the ebb and flow of the tides. There are places where you can walk down to the creeks edge and places where you can plump yourself down on a bench and watch the water flow. You’ll see a variety of bird life, gulls, cormorants and ducks.  

Going down to the end of the path, you are greeted with the working side of the harbour, the bulk loading facilities. The best view is from the top of the viewing tower where you can not only see east and west along the harbour, but south, to the beaches of Vancouver and beyond.

Walk back towards your car, but don’t stop there. Keep on going into Lynnmouth Park and literally weave your way through underpasses and around construction sites as you follow Lynn Creek north, past the sports fields of Capilano University and the equestrian centre, both of which you can’t see. Join the many dog walkers on the wide road that ends at the beginning of the trail along Lynn Creek to the Ecology Centre and suspension bridge. This trail is quite narrow in most places and it’s difficult to maintain the 2 meter distance, unless you step off the trail to let others pass.

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