Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

All the activities and programs offered by Nature Vancouver are made possible by large group of dedicated volunteers. There are many opportunities for new volunteers to get involved.

Members are always needed to:

  • Lead field trips
  • Organize events and activities
  • Support and help section committees
  • Help at our evening programs.

For more information, please EMAIL us or use CONTACT US FORM.  Or better still, talk to a board member or section committee member at one of our EVENING PROGRAMS.

Volunteers Needed For

Forage Fish Egg Survey

November 2024 – January 2025

Nature Vancouver will be partaking for the first time in a Forage Fish Egg survey under the supervision of the Coastal Forage Fish Network. We are looking for potential volunteers interested in taking part in this project. Forage fish play a vital role in the food chain and there is a paucity of information about their distribution. The intent of this survey is to understand the critical habitat (nurseries) and to account for and protect these nurseries. The survey will examine surf smelt and Pacific sand lance eggs, the latter which spawn November – January.

There will be two components:

  1. Collection of eggs. This is done at high tide, ideal being 2 – 4 metres. The exact place will be determined later, but it will be either Ambleside, Stanley Park or Spanish Banks area.
  2. Identification, number and quality of the eggs. This involves examining the samples under a microscope and documenting the findings.

There will be a training workshop some time in October 2024. For more details, please refer to: 

Please contact Naomi Ross naomi.x.ross@gmail.com if you may be interested and available to join the project. 

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