Vanier Park Birding – February 25, 2024

Vanier Park Birding – February 25, 2024

Submitted by Leona Axbey

A stalwart group of 10 braved the elements on Sunday, and we were not disappointed.    Among the first to greet us at our meeting spot were Red-winged blackbirds, topped by a male Anna’s hummingbird surveying his kingdom.

It was clearing up nicely as we made our way to the ponds behind the Vancouver Museum. Troops of American wigeons greeted us, including one Eurasian wigeon. 

Maureen’s bird guide helped us identify short-billed gulls, as well as other species.  Some green-winged teals were sitting pretty on the pond, along with a couple of lesser scaups.

Barrow’s goldeneye and one Common goldeneye graced a very calm English Bay. Some pelagic cormorants also made the scene here.

A pair of bald eagles was seen at an old nesting site.  Hmm!  Where to make the new nest this year?

Near the end, while in the official “eagle habitat” wooded area, we were serenaded most emphatically by a lovely Pacific wren.  And it wasn’t over until the last American Goldfinches sang us back to our cars.

Thanks to Betsy Chow for her photos.

You can see our complete checklist, 31 species, on ebird:

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