Brohm Lake – July 5, 2021

Brohm Lake – July 5, 2021

Trip Report & Photos by Denis Laplante and Teresa Gagné

Five members (including two Board members) joined Teresa and Denis for 7 hours of walking (9.5km), botanizing and birdwatching. Our route included a mix of steep climbs (Tantalus Viewpoint, and Cheakamus Loop trails) and gentler strolls through beautiful mixed conifer-deciduous forest around the lake (Bridge Trail, Brohm Lake Trail) –  see Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest.

We met at 8:30 to reduce our exposure to the predicted 27 C afternoon temperature, and mostly kept cool thanks to the breeze and shade. We logged 48 plant species (spreadsheet attached) and 13 birds (eBird list). Also a few mosquitoes.

Wintergreens, Coralroots and other mycoheterotrophs are usually plentiful on this hike, but were in scarce supply possibly due to weather. We saw a few Wintergreen, Coralroot, one Pinesap, and a few Indian (ghost) Pipe just coming out of the ground. Dogwood, Twinflower, Goat’s-beard, Colombine and many flowering shrubs were in bloom.

A few of us went swimming after. When we left, people queuing for parking spots were glad to see us go.

“British Columbia Wildflower” App was used to identify and log plant sightings; you can look up each plants at, or UBC eFlora. For birds we used Cornell eBird .

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