The Soul of the Fraser – A Documentary

The Soul of the Fraser – A Documentary

Submitted by Adele Liu

A local documentary producer – NERV Productions takes you on a journey of the Fraser Estuary.  See the trailer below. The full documentary will be made available free of charge on Youtube in August. 

Where millions of birds and billions of fish once thrived, now mere thousands struggle to co-exist with the unregulated growth of Metro-Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Local filmmakers Brendan Chu and Chris Jenkins explore the Fraser Estuary, the original river delta beneath the urban sprawl of Vancouver. 

To solve the mysteries of this forgotten land, they meet with environmental activists, First Nations leaders, and specialized biologists. Led by indigenous wisdom and western studies, the filmmakers witness beautiful animals and mysterious sights. Soon, they see the “death of a thousand cuts” this once beautiful land has suffered through.

A new threat looms over the Fraser Estuary; in the migratory path of the fish and birds. Various concerned experts protest; ex-government workers reveal how environmental management has slipped into the hands of corporations and indigenous representatives describe how their stewardship is ignored by the decision makers of industry.

The filmmakers desire to use this film to bring the soul back to the Fraser; through educating the local public about the ecological history they walk on.

There will be full screenings at BCIT on Sept 29, and at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC on Nov 17. Full Youtube screening will be available sometime in late July-August.

The Soul of the Fraser – A Book

See this link for more information about the book and how to order

You can also find this book at the North Vancouver District Library, North Vancouver City Library (North Shore Authors Collection), and West Vancouver Public Library. The book is expected to be available at the Vancouver Public Library later. 

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