The Old-Growth Forest of Lighthouse Park

The Old-Growth Forest of Lighthouse Park

Trip Report by Leader David Cook 

Eight members participated in this field trip on September 1, 2018.

Nature Vancouver’s connection to Lighthouse Park, through the field guide Nature West Coast – as seen in Lighthouse Park, was explained. An overview of Temperate Rainforests of the Earth and specifically our area of rainforest and the old-growth fragments that remain within it, were described with the aid of maps. Examples of the characteristics of an old-growth forest and their ecology were shown and explained.

The 50 year comparison made by Dr Keith Wade and published in the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society’s newsletter, which highlighted the ecological degradation of this isolated fragment of natural forest, was pointed out. All plant species were identified and interesting features about each explained. Thanks to the valiant job of invasive plant removal by the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society, almost no non-native species remain throughout the park. The exceptions are herbs along trail margins such as wall lettuce, broad-leaved plantain and nipple wort. It was explained that invasive plant removal and replanting with native species will slow down the ecological degradation of such natural areas but probably not reverse it. However escalating human use of Lighthouse Park will exacerbate recovery even more.

Photo: Robert Bear
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