Summer Camp 2015

Summer Camp 2015

Mount Renshaw

In 2015, two camps were held from August 2 to 9 and from August 9 to 1, 2015. The camp site was located next to a pristine alpine lake near Mount Renshaw, just to the northeast of McBride. The location, which connects with the National Hiking Trail, featured spectacular alpine meadows and terrain suitable for rambling ridge walks and circumnavigation of Mount Renshaw on the NHT. Located at an altitude of 1890 m (6200 ft), the area had great botanizing, birding and photographing opportunities. See Google Map for the location of the camp. The camps were fully catered from Sunday evening dinner to a packed lunch on the final Sunday by our wonderful cooks Mim and Dee.

Of special note for past campers, the 2015 camp offered an opportunity to connect with the ever popular former cook Jane McClinton who, with her husband Len, hosted a special pre-camp Saturday night feast at their farm near McBride. For a small number of lucky campers, Jane and Len offered B&B rooms before and after the camps to spend more time in the beautiful Robson Valley. Some participants camped at the farm. Len also accompined the campers and the supply truck along the decommisioned logging road up to the staging area. He provided wooden planks so that the trucks and cars could go over the water bars. For the second camp he did this again and had to clear the road by sawing off the fallen trees at two spots.

Camp Report

Click below to see a camp report by Nigel Peck  and an article by Lyn Grants.

Camp Photos

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Species List

Click below to see the list of flora and fauna observed at the camp.

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