Starting a Landslide – Three People at a Time

Starting a Landslide – Three People at a Time

Submitted by Nigel Peck

I have been working more or less full time to do my part to try to save the Vancouver Park Board since December 13th, 2023. You can get more information about that effort through links at the bottom. 

Overall the effectiveness of those seven weeks of work feels pretty marginal. In particular, it feels challenging that talking to people who I expected to know more about the issue, constantly illustrates that people are not aware of the issue, its importance to all of us, and to all our future health through our parks and green spaces.

Signing petitions will not help, muttering and complaining will not make a difference, town halls will have no effect. 

So, we need to start a landslide of emails and the way to do it is by three people at a time. Here are the steps to making that happen:

1) Do NOT listen to rumours or friends or social media that writing an email is not necessary. Your email is absolutely critical.

2) So as the 1st person, you need to take 10 minutes and go to the Nature Vancouver webpages (see links below) for talking points if need be, but write your email and send it to all Vancouver MLA’s. It does not matter if it is perfect, what matters is that you write and send it.

3) When you email your communication, cc it to either so that:

         a) your communication is not just lost in the void of politics

         b) you make yourself accountable to be informed if more is needed

4) THE BIG ONE: Commit to getting TWO family or friends to commit to their 4 steps. If each person fulfills these 4 steps there will be a landslide of support for keeping the Vancouver Park Board.

More information from the links below:

Protect Our Parks

Why an Elected Park Board Matters

Email Addresses of Vancouver MLA’s


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