NV Scholarships

NV Scholarships

Please see Hugh Hamilton Memorial Scholarships as well.

Nature Vancouver awards an annual scholarship of $1000 to a member of Nature Vancouver or a member of the immediate family of a member. Applications are normally accepted from February 1 to March 31st and the scholarship is presented at the Nature Vancouver AGM in April or May.


Applicants must be registered at an accredited post-secondary institution in British Columbia and continuing for at least one session following receipt of scholarship. The applicant’s field of study must be a discipline which advances the objectives of Nature Vancouver.

How to Apply

Written applications should include the name of the applicant or nominee, membership details, a brief description of the program of study and an explanation of how the program advances Nature Vancouver’s objectives. Include a description of any volunteer activities related to nature, together with a brief resume and contact information for a reference who can speak to your academic or volunteer achievements. Full consideration is given to new members of the Society. Please e-mail your application before April 30, to Laura Cottle <laura@naturevancouver.ca.>

Additional Information for Members

Last year, we were fortunate to be able to award additional funds to students with a very generous donation from John Coope. This year, we encourage all of our members to think of our future naturalists and scientists who are studying at this difficult time and to consider donating to our Nature Vancouver education fund. To donate go to DONATIONS or send a cheque payable to Nature Vancouver, Attn: Treasurer (with Nature Vancouver Scholarship noted on the memo line of the cheque). Our mailing address is: PO Box 3021, Stn. Terminal, Vancouver BC V6B 3X5.

Nature Vancouver is currently seeking additional members to be involved with the scholarship committee. If you are interested in participating in this committee, please contact Laura Cottle <laura@naturevancouver.ca>.

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