Roberts Bank Terminal 2 (RBT2) Petition

Roberts Bank Terminal 2 (RBT2) Petition


From BC Nature newsletter September 2020.

Dear BC Nature Members:
Estuaries are areas where fresh water from a river or stream mixes with the salt water of the sea. These are among the most fertile environments on earth! Estuaries support a remarkable abundance of life including microscopic plankton, invertebrate, fish, birds and mammals. When we protect an estuary we protect one of our richest resources.
About 80 percent of the natural functioning and biodiversity of the Lower Fraser River and Estuary has already been lost to industrial and port development. Recent projects such as the Fortis Tilbury LNG Facility and the Vancouver Airport Marine Terminal and Fuel Receiving Facility have contributed to this decline.
The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s Roberts Bank Container Terminal 2 Project RBT2 is a significant hit on the remainder. The Fraser River and Estuary is at a tipping point, with further industrialization in general and port development at Roberts Bank in particular risking its eventual demise.
We are therefore reaching out to you, the BC Nature membership to ask you to sign this new House of Commons petition, whose aim is to stop the Roberts Bank Container Terminal 2 Project.
This new e-petition (click the button below to sign), sponsored by MP for Nanaimo-Ladysmith Paul Manly, was opened for signature on September 2 2020. In just a few days it is already garnering huge support. When Parliament resumes MP Manly will be presenting the petition to the House of Commons. It calls on the Government of Canada to:
  • recognize the ecological importance of Roberts Bank,
  • preserve its wetlands and surrounding waters,
  • protect the wildlife that depend on it and,
  • to deny approval for the RBT2 project.

Why are we asking you to take action?The RBT2 project threatens the Fraser Estuary. Roberts Bank is among the most significant and important wetland habitat on the BC West Coast. Roberts Bank is recognized for its biodiversity, as a wetland of international significance, a globally significant important bird area, a crucial stopover on the Pacific Flyway and a vital connection of the food web for fish, birds and marine mammals across the North Pacific Ocean.
The RBT2 project is an environmental disaster that:
  • puts at risk millions of migratory  shorebirds, which rely on the Roberts Bank coastal wetlands as a critical food source.
  • could result in the collapse of the Western Sandpiper species.
  • risks breaking the chain of the migratory Pacific Flyway, reducing the availability of food at this key stopover site.
  • jeopardizes the annual migration of the Western Sandpiper, with knock on effects in the USA and Central and South America.
  • risks further decline in salmon stocks, with juvenile salmon relying on Roberts Bank as they transition from river to ocean.
  • threatens the already endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales and their habitat.
  • destroys an important crab fishery.puts other wildlife at risk.
  • further increases air, light and noise pollution from port operations.
  • Causes more traffic chaos and congestion from huge increases in port truck traffic.

    This shipping infrastructure is one of the reasons Birdlife International has already identified the Lower Fraser River and its Estuary an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area in Danger.The threat to the ecological function of the estuary in providing food to shorebirds  is what concerns the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network when they say “Protecting the Fraser River Estuary is critical for shorebirds both locally and throughout the entire hemisphere”. And this is why they are calling for “…alternative solutions for port expansion in the Vancouver area that help maintain the value of the Fraser River Estuary as a site of Hemispheric Importance for shorebirds and other wildlife”Please sign now (click the button below) and help us to protect the Lower Fraser River and Roberts Bank the very crucible of the Estuary.



Roger Emsley, BC Nature Liaison and Co-chair on the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project
James Casey, Co-chair
Harry Crosby, President


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