Roberts Bank Terminal 2 – Petition To Sign

Roberts Bank Terminal 2 – Petition To Sign

Submitted by Adele Liu, NV Treasurer

I have been working with James Casey at Birds Canada and Nature Canada after participating in the ‘Nature on the Hill’ week (Nature Canada led environment lobbying) to draft a paper petition for MP Don Davies to present to the House of Commons and deliver to the government. Now MP Davies has reviewed and approved the document and it’s good to go. You can download the PDF file from the link below:

Following MP Davies’ advice, we have chosen the paper petition format for it’s much more formal and powerful publicity and influence . 

I’m requesting all members to print the attached petition and gather as many signatures as possible until the end of July. Even one signature on a copy is still worth submitting as we will aggregate all circulated copies to send to the MP’s office. Please feel free to share this with your contacts regardless of their affiliation with NV.

You can mail the signed copies to NV’s mailing address: PO Box 3021, Station Terminal, Vancouver V6B 3X5

For the signatures and your hard work to count, please note the following rules (based on the Parliament’s Paper Petition Guideline):

  1. Only residents in Canada can sign
  2. No minimum age requirement for signing
  3. At least three signatures with addresses must appear on the first page with the text of the petition before including signatures and addresses on the reverse side of page (I have made the format to be printed on a single sheet with double signed printing)
  4. The definition of “address” on the petition can be the signatory’s “full home address” or “city and province” or “province and postal code” – either of the latter 2 options would be easy and less intrusive.

Thank you very much for your help! As bad as the situation is, we can still try to stop it! Please let me know if you have any questions at

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