Roberts Bank Proposed Terminal 2 Port Expansion

Roberts Bank Proposed Terminal 2 Port Expansion

Report from Federal Review Panel

Text submitted by Bev Ramey

Many of you have followed this lengthy review process over the past four years and you may have heard that the Federal Environmental Review Panel released its report on March 30th.

The Summary of Key Findings, three pages long, does not include recommendations, but does read fairly strongly against the project, beginning in the fourth paragraph of the summary, due to concerns for the environment, health, wildlife and First Nations. With a quick read, one thinks that the Review Panel’s report has come out against the proposed expansion. Recommendations are not included as the panel is leaving it up to the politicians to make the decision. Here’s link to the three page summary:

Here’s link to the full 613 page report:

The media release from Otto Langer, chair of Fraser Voices. Fraser Voices draws attention to the full 613 report from the Review Panel and its 71 recommendations (found in Appendix H). Each of the 71 recommendations addresses how, through recommended measures, the specific concerns can be addressed through technical measures and mitigated. Here is the link to Otto Langer’s Media release:

It is up to us to contact our local MP to make them aware that we are opposed to this expansion. You can make your contact with your MP short and simple; highlight passages from the Summary Report which describe the many environmental concerns. It is our turn as public to let the politicians know our views, so they can fairly represent us in the decision making.

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