Reifel Refuge Shore Birding Sep 2, 2023

Reifel Refuge Shore Birding Sep 2, 2023

Trip Report by Thomas Plath

Another great outing for shorebirds was had at Reifel Bird Sanctuary for the 13 participants. This was an early morning high tide that was dropping and to my dismay the Reifel manager Kathleen, informed us of a Peregrine that had flushed the shorebirds out of West Field.

The House pond had the usual fall gathering of dozens of Greater Yellowlegs and Long-billed Dowitchers but also present were two juvenile Pectoral Sandpipers much like a large version of the Least. Two of the rare juvenile Stilt Sandpipers were vigorously feeding like dowitchers at the far edge of the pond. We came up empty looking for the usually dependable wintering Black-crowned Night-Herons at Fuller’s Slough however tame Wood Ducks perched on the railings were showing well.

Taking the south trail we headed for the West Field and en route were treated to two juvenile Red-necked Phalaropes feeding on the slough surface but also watched a female Peregrine flush shorebirds from the sanctuary. Not good.

As predicted other than two phalaropes (likely the same as before) the West Field was devoid of shorebirds. Three Bank Swallows were observed feeding with Barn Swallows and their pale-breasted young. On the way back along the East Dyke four Sandhill Cranes fed in the neighbouring field to cap the mornings walk.

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