Discovery is an annual journal of natural history and conservation. 

Articles on all aspects of natural history in the province are welcome from all contributors, whether subscribers or not.

As of December 2018, the future of Discovery is uncertain.  Please see the discussion of the future of Discovery below.  You have until January 3rd, 2019 to send comments to Cynthia Crampton.

What are Your Views regarding the Future of Discovery and Vancouver Naturalist

Nature Vancouver members receive the Vancouver Naturalist quarterly and Discovery annually. Most members receive these by mail.  The Vancouver Naturalist in its present form is best described as a newsletter, and Discovery, as a nature journal. Due to rising publication and mailing costs, Nature Vancouver Board is reviewing the future of these publications and invites you to share your thoughts.

Net expenses for Discovery for layout, printing, mailing and postage are now in the range of $5000 for one issue.  It has been increasingly challenging to find volunteers to edit the publication, to undertake the graphic design, and to find writers for content.  

It is well recognized that Discovery produces high quality feature articles, many of which were peer reviewed.  It is an excellent venue to share natural history observations. The printed booklet gives the information permanency.  If published only online, readership would likely decline.

Net expenses for the Vancouver Naturalist are about $5000 annually for the four issues.  About half of its approximately 24 pages are given over to lists of upcoming walks and talks, field trip guidelines for participants, plus names and contact information for the Board.  Much of this information is no longer necessary in such detail in print form as our revamped website includes all such information, including updates. The website calendar lists the walks, talks and activities for several months ahead.  It includes blogs and photos of recent activities and lists board members, contact information, plus approved minutes of meetings. In addition to the website, the weekly email circulation provides reminders for the upcoming events over the next couple of weeks.   About 40% of members receive the Vancouver Naturalist online.

Consideration is being given to combining the two publications.   The information currently provided in the Vancouver Naturalist about upcoming walks, talks and Board information could be shortened considerably, which would free up several pages in the Vancouver Naturalist for natural history articles and other nature notes.   This option would of course still require volunteer editor, layout and writers.

Please send your views on your preferred option.  Former Nature Vancouver president, Cynthia Crampton, has kindly agreed to receive comments and provide a synopsis to the Board.  Please provide comments by January 11, 2019. or phone at 604 738-1405.

Here’s two options under consideration, or suggest another:

  1.  Status Quo.  Continue both Vancouver Naturalist and Discovery.  If so, would you like your subscription online? Would you be prepared to pay increased membership dues to enable publication of both?  Can you volunteer?
  1.  Revamp Vancouver Naturalist to reduce its content which is now available on the website and weekly email.  End the publication of Discovery, but expand content of Vancouver Naturalist to include natural history articles.  Can you volunteer?

Comments submitted will be passed onto the Board, but not with anyone’s identifying information.


A full index to the contents of issues of Discovery from 1972 to 1993 was published in 1994. The index of contents of issues of Discovery from 1994 through to 2010 was published in 2013. It is also available as a PDF: Discovery_Index_Vols_23-39_1994-2010

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