Nature Vancouver (Vancouver Natural History Society) is a not-for-profit charitable society registered under the BC Societies Act. Donations to the Society are tax deductible.

At checkout, please use the “Order Notes” to tell us how to allocate your donation among the funds below.  If you don’t specify the allocation, your donation will be contributed to the Endowment Fund.

To donate by mail instead of electronically, send a cheque payable to “Vancouver Natural History Society” to

Treasurer, Nature Vancouver
PO Box 3021, Stn. Terminal, Vancouver, BC V6B 3X5

Conservation Fund

The Conservation Fund was established in 2001 to hold funds raised or donated for specific conservation projects or to support conservation initiatives in general.

Education Trust Fund

The Education Trust Fund was established for donations to support education. The interest from this fund is used for an annual scholarship for anyone in post-secondary education who is specializing in any of the disciplines which will advance the purposes of the Society. The scholarship is awards at the Nature Vancouver AGM in April of each year.

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was established in 1998 to be a source of revenue for the Society which will supplement membership dues and which will grow over time. Up to 75 percent of the annual earnings of the fund can be used for the operations of the Society. There are no conditions on the expenditure of these funds.

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Conservation Fund, Education Trust Fund, Endowment Fund

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