Photography Section

Photography Section

The Photography Section has been a long tradition in Nature Vancouver. In recent years its activities have focused mainly on an Annual Photography Show.

In 2023, a larger and more active Photography Section Committee was formed, and 10 members volunteered to co-ordinate the activities of this section. Moving forward, the objective of  the Committee is to continue the important traditions like an annual Show, and expand its activities to include photography field trips, small group discussions and workshops, and a greater integration of photography into the society’s other activities.

In 2023 the Committee organized a very successful photo show (see report from the link below) as well as a couple of field trips and online workshops.

Please contact us at if you need more information. 

2024 Photo Show

This year’s Annual Photo Show was a remarkable success. The event, held on April 25th, at the Hewett Centre Hall, Unitarian Church, was a testament to the enduring spirit of the members of Nature Vancouver and their commitment to capturing the essence of the natural world. A report of the show, as well as reports of the previous shows, is available from the following link:

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