Photography Section

Photography Section

The Photography Section has been a long tradition in Nature Vancouver. In recent years its activities have focused mainly on an Annual Photography Competition – ably organized and presented by Section Chair, Ron Long, who has now stepped down from this role.

We are grateful and appreciative of Ron’s years of volunteer work, and his generosity in sharing his time and knowledge.  His departure has highlighted the need for a larger and more active Photography Section Committee. Members are encouraged to become involved. Please contact us at if you are interested.  

Moving forward, we hope to build a revitalized section which, while continuing important traditions like an annual Competition or Show, will expand its activities to include photography field trips, small group discussions and workshops, and a greater integration of photography into the society’s other activities.

2023 Photo Show

A Fresh Take on Celebrating Natural Beauty and Talent


Nature Vancouver’s 2023 Photo Show marked a significant shift from previous years, transforming from a competition to a show celebrating the talents of photographers and the beauty of nature. The event saw several changes, including the removal of ranking-based rewards, the re-introduction of anonymous photo submissions, and the implementation of a Members’ Choice Vote option for all members.

Event Highlights

The 2023 Photo Show featured seven categories: Birds, Insects & Spiders, Other Animals, Botany, People in Nature, Landscape, and ‘From Away’. The last two categories, people in nature and from away, were fresh additions to the event, providing a unique perspective on the bond between humans and nature, and the beauty found beyond our local region.

This year, 49 talented members submitted an impressive 204 photos, with each person allowed to contribute up to five photos, with a maximum of two per category. Entries came from amateurs, experts, and everyone in between; using cell phones, pocket cameras, high-end SLRs with zoom lenses and even a camcorder. All submissions, except for those in the “From Away” category, captured the breathtaking beauty of British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, or Oregon.

Renowned professional photographer Michael Wheatley provided insightful commentary on five selected photos from each category, offering an expert perspective on the stunning photography showcased at the event. All photo submissions were anonymous, allowing Michael to review and appreciate each piece without any preconceived notions.

Audience Engagement: Members’ Choice Vote

Another exciting first for the Photo Show was the Members’ Choice Vote, which invited all members to cast their vote for their top three favourite photos. This interactive feature gave members a chance to have their voices heard, creating a sense of camaraderie and unity among attendees and participants alike. The survey form also asked for members’ feedback on the new format, which will help the committee plan for future years. During less than 2 weeks voting window, 37 members participated and voted for 57 of their favourite photos. Click on a photo below to enlarge it

First: Water Lily & Dragonfly Larva ©Adam Wang; Second: Pintail Trio ©Virginia Hayes;
Third: It’s Time For Dinner ©Adam Wang

A Memorable Presentation

On March 30th, Michael Wheatley’s engaging presentation took place, attracting a fantastic turnout of members. A total of 39 members attended the event in person, while an additional 57 members joined the presentation online via Zoom. The enthusiasm of the attendees and their deep appreciation for the incredible photography showcased at the event made for a truly unforgettable experience.


The NV 2023 Photo Show was a resounding success, captivating attendees with the stunning talents of its participants and the jaw-dropping beauty of nature. This year’s transformation from a competition to a show brought a refreshing, collaborative atmosphere, highlighting the appreciation and admiration for the diverse and captivating photography on display.  The revised category structure and submission limits were effective in producing a more balanced show, with more participants and a greater diversity of subjects.  Birds remained the most popular category, but made up just 21% of entries, whereas in previous years they’ve been well over one-third.

The success of the show proved a very promising start for Nature Vancouver’s newly formed Photo Section Committee. With the continued passion and support from our members, the Nature Vancouver Photo Show is set to inspire and celebrate the art of nature photography for years to come.

All the photos submitted for the show are available for view in Google folder from the link below. The little black-and-white rectangle near the upper-right corner lets you choose between list and grid (preview) layout. You can also read the comments by Michael Wheatley on the selected photos.

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