New Year’s Day Walk – 2023

New Year’s Day Walk – 2023

Trip Report by Kelly Sekhon

Twenty three members of Nature Vancouver enjoyed a fairy mild and at times sunny day in the quaint old fishing village of Steveston. We met in the parking lot of Garry Point Kite Park. After introductions we started the walk around the Kite Park and then continuing north along the Richmond West Dyke.

A number of immature and adult Bald Eagles were spotted on various pilings. Northern Harriers, Great Blue Herons, and Snow Geese were seen flying over the marsh. Highlight of the day was a very well camouflaged Wilson’s Snipe. Even though it was only twenty-five feet away, it was very hard to locate.

Some of the members walked faster and were able to cover more ground. They reported that they saw a Short-eared Owl, a leucistic Fox Sparrow, and an Eurasian Wigeon. An immature Golden Eagle was reported from the area but none of our members saw it.

After the walk, seventeen of us enjoyed a brunch at a restaurant in Steveston.

More Observations and Photos by Penny N. Lim

A grand way to start the new year. Get out of the house! Highly favourable dry and mild weather becoming sunny. The young girl birder who shared her scope really impressed me. That gave us a detailed view of the snipe which remained absolutely still while the Harriers hovered low. Wild rose hips brightened up the winter landscape. Small and red. Something scared the Wigeons off the lawn into the pond giving us a close-up of the handsome Eurasian Wigeon. Throughout my years of birding, snow geese were always off in the distant sky or on another shore. Their distinctive collective cries and silhouette formation may be more familiar. At the start of today’s walk, a lone Snow Goose on the ground surprised me. At the end of our walk, that silhouette flock landed close-by to preen and feed! Another highlight. Then, we ambled off to dine ourselves.

Photos by Poh Chan

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