New Brighton Restoration Project – 23 Apr 2023 Update

New Brighton Restoration Project – 23 Apr 2023 Update

Report and Photos by Nigel Peck

Perhaps I am just getting old and sentimental, or perhaps having over a month since the last New Brighton work party, or that the forecasted raindrops held off until precisely the minute we stopped working – but Sunday’s work party seemed particularly sweet. Looking at our record, it has now been 42 full work days over 15 months – mostly in the winter and early spring months, that we have not had any appreciable amount of rain. Incredible!

New Brighton Work Days – All Without Appreciable Rain
Jan 22Jan 29Feb 9Feb 11Feb 12Feb 23Feb 26
Mar 5Mar 9Mar 12Mar 26Apr 1Apr 2Apr 9
Apr 16May 14May 28Aug 3Nov 12Nov 16Nov 19
Nov 27Nov 28Dec 10Dec 11Dec 13  
Jan 22Jan 28Jan 30Feb 2Feb 5Feb 8Feb 15
Feb 18Feb 22Feb 25 Mar 1Mar 5Mar 6Mar 15
Mar 19Apr 23  

Seventeen members volunteered. Linnaea, Chris, Meg and Logan were helping for the first time while us ‘others’ – Alix, Amber, Daryl, Fred, Jerome, Paul, Ros, Feb, Susan, Taryn, Vivian, and myself, were seasoned old-timers. We worked hard digging out Bull Thistle Plants along the hillock, Seb wrestling with blackberry root balls on his own, and very importantly cutting Reed Canary Grass in preparation for ‘covering, cooking and smothering’ with landscape fabric and polyethylene as soon as we have approval from the Park Board.

Working the hillock: digging up Bull Thistle after Reed Canary Grass patches.

With Park Board approval, we will cover RCG patches, hopefully only until the late fall, continue digging out the two or three thousand Bull Thistle plants coming up all over the hillock, digging and pulling up Scotch Broom and Himalayan Blackberry shoots coming up and of courses continuing to dig out blackberry root balls along the shoreline where we chopped down the thickets of cane. 

Next work day is as soon as possible – dependent on the Park Board. We will let you know.

Tea and treat break – 18 people which is our 2nd largest work party!

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