New Brighton Park Restoration – Nov 29, 2022 Update

New Brighton Park Restoration – Nov 29, 2022 Update

Submitted by Nigel Peck

It’s always interesting to see how things turn out. The fall plant order was submitted to the Park Board back on May 8th. With assistance from Ian Clague and Krista from the Park Board, the order was refined over summer and, with several revisions the plant list, was finalized November 3rd. We were quite happy with a good selection of roses and shrubs but, more importantly, pollinator perennials that tend to stand 60+ centimeters that would have a chance to hold their own against the 60cm grasses covering the hillock.

The delivery was not scheduled until November 17th but this was not a big concern as, with our mild maritime climate, we could take the time to get them into the ground properly so to maximize the chances of all of them taking and flourishing next spring.

Then the weather changed and we went from an unseasonably warm fall to a forecast of impending sub-zero temperatures and snow. With 306 plants sitting unprotected on the Port property strip, the situation turned from a measured approach into a race against time and the coming weather.

This was a particularly big job because 70 of the roses and shrubs were two-gallon sized pots, 84 of the Asters and Lupines were one-gallon sized pots and the balance of 152 Golden Rod were 4” pot sized transplants. Additionally, the job was made even more challenging by our decision to dig extra wide and deep holes to place leaf mulch under all the transplants to promote water retention and hopefully maximize the chances for all the plants to survive and thrive. With the impending cold snap, we wanted to mulch around the topsoil surrounding the transplants, large and small.

Fortunately, New Brighton volunteers stepped forward. 25 people worked for well over 100 hours on three days (Saturday, Nov 19, Sunday, Nov 27, and Monday Nov, 28). Six people actually volunteered for two and even all three days! Everything was planted, mulched and protected with only hours before Monday night’s colder temperatures.

We should all celebrate and feel proud of everything we’ve done at New Brighton!

The extreme effort of the last few days was made possible by the work all of us have contributed since last January. In less than eleven months we’ve transformed a hillock covered by hundreds of Scotch Broom plants and Himalayan Blackberry to the start of what will become the Parks Board intended ‘Habitat Meadow’. It is a huge accomplishment and I hope all of you will toast` yourselves to all that you, and ‘we’ collectively accomplished.  

We are great group of people doing good stuff for a lovely East Side Vancouver Park

Vancouver Park Partner – 2022 Fall Plant Order Request
Organization Name:Nature Vancouver
Park:New Brighton Park
Contact Name:Nigel 
LatinCommon NamePot SizeQuantity
Solidago canadensisGolden Rod4″152
Symphyotrichum subspicatumDouglas Aster1 gal54
Lupinus polyphyllusLarge-leaved Lupine1 gal30
Rosa nutkanaNootka Rose2 gallon10
Rosa AcicularisPrickly Wild Rose2 gallon10
Rosa woodsiiWood’s Rose2 gallon10
Oemleria cerasiformisIndian Plum2 gallon15
Rubus parviflorusThimbleberry2 gallon10
Ribes sanguinemRed Flowering Currant2 gallon15
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