New Brighton Park Restoration – May 14 Update

New Brighton Park Restoration – May 14 Update

Submitted by Nigel Peck

The Saturday May 14th, New Brighton weed pull was led by Alix Noble and Greg leach. It was a resounding success with fourteen people helping to pull piles of bull thistle from the ‘restoration hillock’. The group began by inspecting the different areas and deciding to focus on thistles and leave the blackberry for the next work party on May 28th.  

In coordinator Greg Leach’s words:

There was a bit of light rain for 10 minutes, just as we were getting going, but nothing after that. The group was certainly in a great mood. They were both surprised and delighted that the leader, Alix Noble, did some home-made baking for us. Special treats AND she also brought cinnamon buns! I believe this was a decisive contributing factor to our good spirits.”

So last Saturday saw a great start to the spring and summer phase of the restoration effort. The next work party will be on Saturday, May 28th – from noon to two thirty.

Please email for details and to register. As before, we are asking everyone participating to be fully vaccinated, to RSVP and to sign a release of liability.

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