New Brighton – Oct 20, 2023 Update

New Brighton – Oct 20, 2023 Update

Submitted by Nigel Peck

November’s approach heralds two years of effort to improve the environment at New Brighton. We’ve worked hard to remove invasive species and enhance biodiversity through the planting of native perennials, roses and shrubs. Our efforts are making a difference with Woolly Sunflower, Douglas Aster, Goldenrod, Nodding Onion, and Large Leaved Lupines now dotting the hillock overlooking to the east.

There are now about 100 native roses (Nootka, Prickly Wild, and Wood’s Roses) and shrubs (Indian Plum, Thimbleberry and Red Flowering Current) establishing themselves on the western slope of the hillock. Tree swallows and chickadees are most probably nesting in the eleven bird boxes we installed in the park and have for sure taken up residence on the hillock bird boxes.  Stephen Deedes-Vincke and Sally Hocking, butterfly experts, have noted the arrival of Western White, Western Sulphur and Skipper butterflies which were not there when we started.

We are about to start a new level of enhancement with the planting of over 500 more native perennials providing nectar for butterflies, bees, other insects and hummingbirds. Additionally, and more significantly for bird food and habitat, we will be planting over 500 native roses and shrubs. This will be a lot of work which we will begin on Saturday, November 4th and Sunday, November 5th. We can use your help whatever level of exertion you are able to muster!

Nature Vancouver volunteers have been joined by many volunteers from local neighbourhoods and other communities. Please do forward this to anyone you think might be interested. 

Please email for more information or to volunteer for the November 4th / 5th work parties

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