Nature Walk in Stanley Park

Nature Walk in Stanley Park

Text and Photos submitted by Ian and Laurence Towson

Saturday, 11 April, 2020

Following the absolutely fabulous and educating Nature Vancouver online presentation by Joan Lopez, on Thursday evening about ‘The other Killer Whales’… imagine our delight and surprise when we caught sight of two Transient Orca enjoying themselves in the Lost Lagoon! Identified by their saddle patches. Obviously an example of how nature returns to places vacated by humans… the car ban in Stanley Park is working well😊

But, joking aside, we did see lots of seals and porpoises just off Prospect Point, nesting herons, sunbathing turtles and lots and lots of cycling apes (interestingly spaced at 2 meters). 

Only in Canada a parking lot would be blocked using a tree! 
Beaver Lake
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