Nature Vancouver Code of Ethics

Nature Vancouver Code of Ethics

Approved by the Board of Directors on January 3, 2023

The goal of this Code of Ethics is to promote respectful conduct by and among all members of Nature Vancouver. The code of ethics articulates the principles and standards of behavior endorsed by Nature Vancouver. Members of Nature Vancouver, as a condition of membership, agree to incorporate the Code’s principles into their actions with the following guiding principles:

  • Respect for the members we work with and others we serve.
  • Need of Integrity in our actions.
  • Accepting responsibility for our decisions and their consequences.

We are committed to:

  • Acting honestly, truthfully and with integrity in all our actions and dealings. 
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest. Appropriately handling actual or apparent conflicts of interest in our relationships.
  • Treating every individual with dignity and respect.
  • Treating our members with respect, fairness and good faith and providing conditions of engagement that safeguard their rights and welfare.
  • Ensuring Nature Vancouver is recognized as a model of playing by generally accepted ethical rules.
  • Ensuring Nature Vancouver complies with both the spirit and the letter of the law.
    Acting respectfully toward the communities in which we work and for the benefit of the communities that we serve.
  • Being responsible, transparent and accountable for all of our actions.
    Improving the accountability, transparency, ethical conduct and effectiveness of our organization.

Noncompliance may result in a review by the board of directors, which may lead to actions including suspension or expulsion of membership.

For more details please refer to the two supporting statements of ethical behaviour, one for general members and, the second for the Board of Directors, available from the links below:

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