Nature Vancouver 2024 Annual Photo Show

Nature Vancouver 2024 Annual Photo Show


The Nature Vancouver 2024 Annual Photo Show, a beacon for the community’s shared love for nature and photography, concluded with remarkable success. The event, held April 25th at the Hewett Centre Hall, Unitarian Church, was a testament to the enduring spirit of the organization’s members and their commitment to capturing the essence of the natural world.

Participation Overview

Total Photographs Received: 154
Total Members Contributed: 38
Total Votes Cast: 172
Total Voting Members: 29

Event Highlights

The event was graced by the insightful commentary of John Gordon, a renowned nature photographer whose work can be explored at His comments on the evening of April 25th added depth and perspective to the stunning array of photographs displayed.

Categories and Rules

The photo show featured seven categories (Birds; Insects & Spiders; Other Animals; Botany; People in Nature; Landscape; ‘From Away’), each designed to challenge and inspire the photographers. The rules, detailed on the Nature Vancouver Photography Section page, were crafted to encourage creativity while maintaining a fair and level playing field. The diversity of the submissions spoke volumes about the talent within the community.

Photographic Excellence

The quality of the photographs was unparalleled, with each image telling its own unique story. The photographers’ ability to convey emotion, beauty, and a sense of place through their work was nothing short of extraordinary. The photos can be viewed in our Google Drive, or at showing the Members’ Choice votes, and the video including John’s commentary will appear with Videos of Nature Vancouver Evening Presentations .

The level of engagement from the members was impressive, with a significant number of votes cast. The voting process not only reflected the members’ enthusiasm but also their dedication to supporting their fellow photographers.

Educational Impact

The commentary provided by John Gordon served as an educational experience for many. His ability to critique and celebrate the work of others helped foster a learning environment where members could grow and refine their skills.


The Nature Vancouver 2024 Annual Photo Show was more than just a display of photographs; it was a gathering of like-minded individuals united by their love for nature and photography. The event highlighted the importance of conservation and the role photography plays in promoting awareness and appreciation for our natural surroundings.

As we look ahead, Nature Vancouver continues to be a hub for environmental stewardship and photographic artistry. The success of the 2024 Photo Show is a promising indicator of the vibrant future that lies ahead for the organization and its members.

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