Nature on the Hill Day

Nature on the Hill Day

Appeal to Nature Vancouver membersContact your MP in Support of Nature

Nature Canada is organizing a rally “Nature on the Hill Day” in Ottawa on February 4th, to support Canada’s targets of 17% protection of land/freshwater and 10% protection of coastal/marine water, by 2020. In addition, this rally supports the Green Budget Coalition’s recommendations for investments in Nature in the 2020-21 federal budget. 

BC Nature is sending two representatives to the rally. 

Nature Vancouver is encouraging our members to contact your local MP as well as the Green Budget Coalition, to seek support for these targets to protect land/freshwater and the coastal/marine waters in 2020, . 

Read more about protecting and coastal water at: Let’s Make Room for Nature

To help with this initiative, we have prepared a template that you can use as the basis for your letter, or you can write your own letter. The template letter includes a choice of ending: ask for a written response OR request a meeting at your MP’s office to discuss.  An in-person meeting can often be more effective. If your MP is too busy to meet, you could request a meeting with their senior staff person at their constituency office.

Download template letter and emails & addresses from the links below. Please expand the letter as you wish with any personal comments.

Thanks in advance for contacting your local MP. To keep the Nature Vancouver Board informed, please copy us with your letter.

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