Message from President

Message from President

Cancellation of all Evening Programs and Field Trips

As everyone no doubt is aware that the CoVid19 pandemic situation is changing, for the worse, hour by hour. Each day we hear from our provincial and federal health officers and elected leaders that everyone has got to do everything possible to stop the transmission of the virus. The intensity and seriousness of these exhortations increases each day. It is not a casual issue anymore.

At Nature Vancouver we must contribute as much as we can. On Monday we announced the cancellation of all evening speaker presentations. Now with the severity of the pandemic we are cancelling, until further notice, all Nature Vancouver sponsored field trips. We look forward to the time when the pandemic has been beaten and we can resume all of the activities that make Nature Vancouver such a special society.

In the meantime though, we hope you get out in small numbers to appreciate what a wonderful environment we have here in the lower mainland. Birds are flying north and shrubs are in bud — there is plenty to see and enjoy without traveling too far. We hope you are able to keep connections with NV friends in a responsible way that is rewarding, safe, and that does not risk spreading the infection. In particular, if you know a NV member who might be in need of support, please call and keep in touch with them. Members of course may still choose to get together for hiking or other nature outings. Those who do are reminded that they do so at their own risk, as individuals, rather than as NV members.

As it has been said so many times by so many individuals, we are all in this together – and it is our mutual resolve to address this virus and work together that will get us through it.  It will also make us stronger as a society. A challenge that we must all embrace!

Stay well.

Nigel Peck, President, Nature Vancouver

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