Marine Biology Section

Marine Biology Section

The Marine Biology Section focuses on educating and fostering interest in nearby marine life and coastal habitats through a speaker series and nature walks. For more information, please contact Joan Lopez.


Chair and Program Coordinator: Joan Lopez

Audio-Visual Coordinator: Nigel Cornwall

Field Trip Coordinator: Jennifer Ingram

Assistant Field Trip Coordinator: Abby Schwarz

Publicity: Carolyn Varah

Membership Coordinator: Sheila Byers

Treasurer: Nigel Cornwall

Secretary: Deborah Simpson

Vancouver Aquarium liaison: TBA

Evening Programs

These programs are open to the public and members are encouraged to invite their friends. For more information and suggestions for future programs please contact the Program Coordinator Joan Lopez.

WHEN: Second Thursday of each month from January through April and September through Novmber at 7:30 p.m. 

WHERE: Unitarian Centre at 49th and Oak Street, Vancouver, BC.

During the Covid 19restrictions we are offering weekly EVENING SPEAKER SERIES via ZOOM Video – Conferencing.

Field Trips

Marine Biology Section offers field trips throughout the year led by experienced biologists. These trips are publicized on our EVENTS CALENDAR.

Pamphlet - The Rocky Shore of Stanley Park

In 2009, the Marine Biology Section of Nature Vancouver published a pamphlet that contains a field guide to 40 prominent intertidal species of marine life which inhabit the rocky shore in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC.

Click below for a PDF copy of the pamphlet. For hard copies of the pamphlet please contact SHEILA BYERS.

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