Langdale Falls 🌿 2019-08-11 – Trip Report

Langdale Falls 🌿 2019-08-11 – Trip Report

Four Nature Vancouver members walked on the 9:55 ferry to Langdale and had a lovely hike around Langdale Falls and Sidewinder trail. The drizzle stopped around 1pm – the damp weather made for shiny leaves and especially vibrant colours .  The woods are varied and beautiful, the abundance and variety of beautiful, colourful large mushroom was an unexpected bonus for an August trip, and we’ve never seen so many Indian Pipe!
We opted to do the route in a clockwise direction;  as we hoped, the longest steep section was more comfortable to climb than descend.

There is a good view of beautiful Langdale Falls from the main trail;  a sturdy rope is available to assist those wanting to make the optional steep descent to the base of the falls.

The extensive network of trails in the ‘Sprokids’ bike park area are colour coded and a downloadable map is available, but we found GPS very helpful in confirming our route.  The shared trails are generally in good condition, and the 20 or so bikers we met were friendly and considerate. At several points alternative routes are signposted directing cyclists away from hikers.

While there were few plants in bloom, we did see a pretty pair of pink wintergreen and we were excited to find that the rare Rubus nivalis we had noted in 2016 has spread to 10 meters.  We also saw a pair of blacktailed deer whose warm reddish summer coats contrasted beautifully with their grey and green surroundings.

A delightful day and an excellent trip  choice for grey or sunny weather.

Here is a link to the trip description.

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