Nature Walk, Byrne Creek Ravine, 2020-03-29 – Informal Trip Report

Nature Walk, Byrne Creek Ravine, 2020-03-29 – Informal Trip Report

For housebound folks seeking a hit of nature, this sliver of Burnaby wilderness surrounded by city is definitely worth a visit.  Byrne Creek Ravine Park offers a beautiful stream, generally good trails, tall trees, lush green ferns, birdsong, spring flowers and more.  The basic loop is just over 3km with about 70m of elevation gain and can be started from the bottom (near Southridge & Marine Dr.) or from the top (near Ron McLean Park). There is one short steep trail section near Southridge where poles are nice, but the other steep sections have sturdy stairs. It’s a beautiful place whatever the weather. When the two of us visited on Saturday morning, the rain had stopped but the day was still cool and damp; the creek was lively and the ferns and other foliage glistened attractively.

We met perhaps a dozen people in total and had no problem keeping a safe distance even when passing.  One trick when meeting others on a narrower trail or staircase is to offer a friendly greeting from a distance, and then stop and face away from the trail as they pass.  This reduces the chance of virus droplet transfer, but indicates that you regard them as fellow nature lovers rather than just as a potential source of contamination.

Byrne Creek is an important urban salmon stream, and the efforts of local stream keepers are apparent in the many cute hand-drawn laminated signs urging dogs to stay out of the creeks to protect delicate salmon eggs.

Teresa Gagné

Byrne Creek
Swamp Lanterns
Creek view from top of ravine
Early Salmonberry blossom with raindrops
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