Hike to Hollyburn Mountain

Hike to Hollyburn Mountain

Trip report by leader Kitty Castle

There were 8 of us on the hike to the top of Hollyburn Mountain on Friday 14 September. This was a joint trip with Nature Vancouver and Friends of Cypress Provincial Park. We started off in thick fog with rain gear on and warm toques. Luckily the weather did improve and we even felt warmed by the sun at one point.  However there were no views to be had even at the Peak.

We were lucky to have Mike Castle with us to point out the historic Nasmyth channels.  The Nasmyth Mill (1918-23) was located on Rodgers Creek, just west of the last hairpin bend on the Cypress Bowl Road. Water was diverted from above Sixth Lake, via a series of channels, to increase water supply to the mill. Some of these channels still operate today. From Sixth Lake to a point about 500 m northward, this active section of channel now defines the Park Boundary.

We had two bear encounters on this hike, which was not surprising as the berries are very abundant and delicious this year.  First we saw the back view of a retreating healthy looking bear in the Triangle Lakes area and later on a rather relaxed bear with white chest markings sitting in a berry patch. Both bears decided to head elsewhere when we got nearer. We also had an unusual encounter with an Italian hiker, near Triangle Lakes, who appeared from the west along one of the ski trails saying he had got lost and had been out all night.  He looked in good shape with a back pack, suitably clad, and declined our offer of food and a map and headed off down the hiking trail towards the warming hut – and to Italy the following day.

Raindrops on Black Huckleberry. Photo: Kitty Castle

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