Hike, Hayward Lake, 2020-03-21 – Informal Trip Report

Hike, Hayward Lake, 2020-03-21 – Informal Trip Report

On Saturday March 21 2020, five of us met for a lovely hike along Reservoir Trail on the East side of Hayward lake – note that this was not done under the Nature Vancouver organization but a group of friends. We drove up two per car and hiked South, from the parking lot 1200m east of the dam along Dewdney Trunk Rd, as described in Events calendar. The statistics are 15km in 6h30m, with cumulative ascent 290m. Maintaining “social distancing” of 2 metres was not difficult, except for conversations near the Steelhead Falls; we also carried alcohol disinfectant gel. We only met about 35 people on the tail, from runners to family groups, and it was clear when we returned that the parking had overflowed onto roadside parking.

The trail is well maintained by BC Hydro and City of Mission. We walked down to Hairsine Inlet, where the floating bridge is still decommissioned, and returned. This year blooming is late, and we only saw 4 Trilliums (in leaf or bud), and many Huckleberry flowers glinting in the sun.

We met Ravens, Eagles, Pileated Woodpeckers and Pacific Wrens. Ravens here have consistently multiple interesting voices Click here to hear Ravens (MP3 20 seconds)
At one point a couple of flying eagles were accompanied by over a dozen Ravens. The Wrens were invisible, but their long song is unmistakable, and their chittering call was nice too. Similarly the two Pileated woodpeckers entertained us with very loud tapping and occasional outbursts of laughter (at us no doubt).

This year due to late flowering we would recommend visiting at the end of March, and again in the Fall (see our November 16 trip report).

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