Nature Vancouver Helping to Unite Nature Lovers for a Green and Inclusive Recovery in Canada

Nature Vancouver Helping to Unite Nature Lovers for a Green and Inclusive Recovery in Canada

Submitted by Adam Murphy, Nature Network Organizer

This campaign is about the nature community coming together to do everything we can to ensure that the federal government moves forward with major commitments to protect nature – both within the context of facing the immediate challenges imposed by COVID, and in broader recovery initiatives. 

We all agree that protecting nature is critical when it comes to reversing biodiversity loss and addressing climate change – but it has also been so important for people in maintaining our own health and well-being. We need to convey that to decision-makers and encourage them to pursue a green and inclusive recovery for all Canadians that recognizes that we need nature to thrive in order to survive.

To that end, the first action undertaken was the sign-on letter where over 230 organizations from coast to coast came together to send a united message to the federal government about the need to protect nature. In conjunction with that, Nature Canada has been engaging our supporters to write to elected officials to ask them if they will pursue a green and inclusive recovery. Nature Vancouver’s Board of Directors have endorsed this campaign.

With a throne speech coming from the federal government on September 23rd (next Wednesday), now is a great time to speak to our broader communities about the need to include nature in Parliament’s new vision to support Canadians through the COVID crisis. 

As the months go on, leadership from organizations across Canada will allow for continued engagement with the public and decision-makers around the need to build back better. Community-led efforts are essential if we want to see nature placed at the heart of a green and inclusive recovery – and Nature Vancouver is showing us what that looks like

For more information, please contact Adam by EMAIL.

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