Fraser River Documentaries

Fraser River Documentaries

Nature Vancouver is one of many non-for-profit groups focused on environmental conservation and sustainable living that are working collaboratively with the production team to screen the documentary The Soul of the Fraser ( released in summer 2022) and the Heart of the Fraser (released in 2019). Through these screening events, we are hoping to reach out to our naturalist members and beyond, bring awareness and urgency to the critical conditions the Fraser River is in, and spur much needed actions by all stakeholders.

There will be 2 complimentary screening events in November co-sponsored by Nature Vancouver and Vancouver Public Library at the Central Library‘s Montalbano Family Theatre. Please click the links below for detailed event information including registration. The Montalbano Family Theatre on level 8 has a capacity of 80 people (77 fixed seats and three wheelchair accessible spaces). The registration process is very easy and you only need to provide your name, email, and number of attendees. No library card is required. 

Please share with your family and friends and let’s amplify the voice for nature!

Documentary Screening: Soul of the Fraser: (6:30-8:30pm, Nov 9th, 2022)

Documentary Screening: Heart of the Fraser: (6:30-8:30pm, Nov 29th, 2022)

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