Covid-19 Protocol for Field Trips

Covid-19 Protocol for Field Trips

Approved by the Board on April 5, 2022

Opening statement

As Covid pandemic restrictions by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) under the Public Health Act have gradually eased, Nature Vancouver is modifying the protocol for field trip participation.

Information for Field Trips Participants

  • Participants are expected to be fully vaccinated and to stay home if infected.
  • A participant who discovers, up to two days after a field trip that they, or a close contact has Covid, should let the trip leader know as soon as possible. No names will be shared with other participants, just the information about a possible exposure from someone on the trip
  • The number of field trip participants will be determined by the field trip leader(s).
  • Field trips are open to guests though Nature Vancouver members will have priority registration. 
  • Pre-registration is mandatory for all participants. 
  • All field trip participants must read and sign the Group Release of Liability Form on the day of the field trip. 
  • Masks and physical distancing should be used indoors and in cramped spaces during the trip. 
  • Carpooling is permissible for fully vaccinated participants who are comfortable sharing a vehicle. Masks and good ventilation are recommended to minimize viral risks. 
  • Trip participants should be self-sufficient with their own mask, hand sanitizer and pen. 

Information for Field Trip Leaders During Covid Pandemic

  • Meeting time and place are not to be given in field trip listings to ensure pre-registration.  
  • The trip leader must give the Group Release of Liability Form to the Field Trip Coordinator after the trip. 
  • All proposed field trips are to be sent to Field Trip Coordinator at least one week but preferably sooner before they are posted, for general coordination and field trip planning purposes.
  • Visiting overcrowded sites and trails is discouraged. Remote locations should be avoided.
  • Trail etiquette and rules must still be respected even with physical distancing as trail use is generally higher than in the past. 
  • All trip participants must follow all instructions and directives of the trip leader unless those instructions or directives contradict provincial health guidelines. 

A PDF of the text of this page is available to download and print from the link below:

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