Evolution of Nature Vancouver News

Evolution of Nature Vancouver News

Over the past 100+ years, the Vancouver Natural History Society (now known as Nature Vancouver) has used various publications to communicate program and natural history information to its members.

VNHS News – Bulletin of Vancouver Natural History Society (or just The Bulletin), was published from 1943 to 1971. In 2005, Bill Merilees compiled important articles from The Bulletin. Click HERE for a PDF copy.  A hard copy is available at Vancouver Public Library. The Bulletin itself evolved over time as you can see from the following photos.

In 1972, Discovery, a quarterly journal of natural history and conservation replaced The Bulletin. Apart from scientific articles, Discovery contained all program and field trip information. PDF copies of all past issues of Discovery (Vols. 1 to 48) are available HERE.

Starting in 1999, the program and field trip information was taken out of Discovery and included in a new quarterly newsletter, Vancouver Naturalist. Discovery is now published once a year. PDF’s of some past issues of Vancouver Naturalist are available HERE.

Around the same time (1999), an email list was set up by Bob Holden, first to provide occasional important information but later through Yahoo Groups and then through the website it became a weekly feature. Vancouver Naturalist was still published but was eventually discontinued in 2019.

Since 2018, we have used our current means of communication, Nature Vancouver e-News, through MailChimp which seems to be quite popular.

For many years Nature Vancouver also operated an Events Line and Rare Bird Alert to provide program and other information over telephone.

The Birding Section also published a monthly newsletter called The Wandering Tattler, edited by Jude Grass. It was discontinued in 2018.

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