Streamkeeper Walk at Lynn Creek March 6 2019

Streamkeeper Walk at Lynn Creek March 6 2019

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Date(s) - 06/Mar/2019
10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Bridgeman Park


Many fishes use different habitats at different parts of their lives: freshwater, estuaries, and the ocean. Streams are corridors connecting these habitats. Most are under intense pressure from human activities. Streamkeepers, an initiative of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, seeks to restore, enhance and preserve streams wherever possible, and to raise public awareness of their great value for fishes and other wildlife. The Lynn off-channel stream supports four species of Pacific salmon: coho, chum, chinook and pink, all of which spawn there.

The stream, informally referred to as “Lynn off-channel”, connects with Lynn Creek in Bridgeman Park. The site has parking, washrooms, and a picnic area. Bring your camera, and your lunch if you want to eat on site after the trip. The walk is about 3 km with no elevation gain. Wear footwear suitable for traversing some irregular surfaces.

We’ll meet in the parking lot at 10:30 AM for an introductory talk from Streamkeepers Glenn Parker and ZoAnn Morten,and then walk along the stream for about 3 km, learning about some stream characteristics and relevant structures. Designing and siting structures is part of what makes Streamkeeping an art as well as a science.

Note to Botanists: This trip includes information on plant species that stabilize streambanks and that provide food and shelter to stream critters. The following is a link to the list of plants used in streamkeeper work:  (especially pp 18 & 19)

The trip will go rain (not a deluge) or shine. To register email  Abby Schwarz by March 4. Maximum number of people: 20.

Getting there Car: The best entrance to Bridgman Park for the trip is at E. Keith Rd and Mountain Hwy, North Vancouver (Lynn Valley). A useful landmark is the North Shore Winter Club. Check Google maps. PLEASE TRY TO CAR POOL.

Bus: From the Lower Mainland take a bus to Phibbs Exchange on the North Shore. From there, several buses make the same stop at E. Keith Rd and Mountain Hwy. Which one you take depends on when you get to Phibbs. Google “Translink from Phibbs Exchange to Mountain Hwy and E. Keith Rd.”

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