🌿 Beyond Bees: Pollination Strategies of Plants & Insects – Tiia Haapalainen

🌿 Beyond Bees: Pollination Strategies of Plants & Insects – Tiia Haapalainen

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Date(s) - 20/May/2021
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


🌿Beyond Bees: Pollination Strategies of Plants & Insects – Tiia Haapalainen

The topic of pollination is receiving increasing attention due to the disrupting impacts of climate change and human activities on ecosystems around the globe.  Many plant species and the pollinators they rely on are facing uncertain futures, and this in turn could have a devastating impact on human crop and food production.   

In this talk, insect advocate Tiia Haapalainen will explore the fascinating subject of plant mating systems and pollination methods, with a focus on the diverse strategies, and highly specialized relationships that have evolved between plants and their pollinators. 

We’re familiar with the European honey bee, and recently there has been increasing public education on the importance of native bee species like Bumblebees and Mason Bees.  But there is much more to pollination than bees, and much more to bee-pollination than you ever imagined!  From common strategies like wind pollination and colourful or sweet scented flowers, to the bizarre adaptations of sexually deceptive orchids and carrion plants, there is lots to discover.  Meet a cast of characters that ranges from tiny fig wasps to ‘giant’ hummingbirds; bees, beetles, flies, and even butterflies and mosquitoes have a role to play in the world of pollination.

This presentation will be aired via Zoom Video Conferencing. On the Monday preceding the event, Nature Vancouver members will receive the Zoom link in the weekly e-News. To join the talk on Thursday, click on that link after 7:15 pm. The talk will begin at 7:30 pm.  Non-members are welcome and should Email denis@NatureVancouver.ca well in advance to register for the link. 

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