🌿Toothed Fungi – Kent Brothers

🌿Toothed Fungi – Kent Brothers


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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🌿Toothed Fungi – Kent Brothers

Kent Brothers, of the Vancouver Mycological Society, will talk about toothed fungi, this fascinating group of mushrooms.  This presentation will be online, via Zoom.  See https://naturevancouver.ca/zoom-videoconference-instructions/ .

Dr. Kent Brothers is an amateur mycologist who has had a keen interest in biodiversity in general and macrofungi in particular for nearly 20 years, not only in the Pacific Northwest but also in the neotropics.  Through guided walks in forests he enjoys sharing knowledge of the extensive diversity of fungi in ecosystems and the valuable roles that they play in the environment.  He is a member and past president of the Vancouver Mycological Society, served on the advisory board of EFlora BC in respect of fungi, and is a member of the Pacific Northwest Key Council that develops identification guides for fungi in the PNW.  He participated in and prepared the final report for a 5-year inventory of fungi in Manning Park (640 species — http://www.vanmyco.com/Documents/ManningFungiTaxonomic.htm) and has for several years been working on a comprehensive list of the several thousand fungi reported to occur in the province of BC (http://brothers.ca/Kent/BiotaLists/BCFungi.htm).

On Monday Sep 14, Nature Vancouver members will receive the Zoom link in the weekly eNews. To join, click on that link Thursday after 7:15 pm. The talk will begin at 7:30 pm.
Non-members are welcome and should Email denis@NatureVancouver.ca well in advance to register for the link. Denis has seen a preview and the photography is gorgeous, in addition to being an informative talk by an expert.

Mushroom photos above by D Laplante and T Gagné

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