Dipper Quest – Birding Field Trip

Dipper Quest – Birding Field Trip

Leader Larry Cowan, trip report by Colin Klasen

On Saturday, Dec 1, 2018, twenty participants enjoyed a dry and mostly-sunny day exploring the MapleRidge/Pitt Meadows area with leader Larry Cowan and saw a total of 27 species at 3 locations.

The first stop was at Maple Ridge Park on 232 Avenue, looking for the AmericanDipper. The first one was found within a few minutes of scanning the AlouetteRiver and the second one 10 minutes later 200 meters upstream. This fairly wideand shallow river provides many of the partially-exposed rocks this species typicallylikes to perch on. Here’s the eBird report for there: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S50344830

We then went in search of the Prairie Falcon recently seen in Pitt Meadows at Connecting Road (north of and parallel to Dewdney Trunk Road), between McKechnie and Sharpe Roads. As the group was driving away, two participants in the last vehicle luckily got a few last-second flight shots of a raptor and it’s identity as a Prairie Falcon was confirmed when their photos were processed the next day.

We then drove to the “Golden Ears Greenway” eBird hotspot¬† on the south side of Pitt Meadows and this is the eBird report for there: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S50348835

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