Over several decades, Nature Vancouver has played an active role in conservation in the Metro Vancouver area and has worked with other local organizations to conserve natural areas around BC. See the posts about recent conservation topics from this LINK.

Current Projects

False Creek Oyster Survey

Nature Vancouver has begun an exciting new project and we are looking for volunteers to help us out. We will be surveying and mapping existing oyster populations in False Creek, Vancouver. Oysters and other bivalves (clams, mussels) are filter-feeders and improve water quality as they feed. Understanding the location and condition of existing oyster sites will be of assistance for future habitat enhancement and possible cultivation of oysters. More information about the project is available from the link below:

New Brighton Park Restoration

Since January 2022, members of Nature Vancouver, led by Nigel Peck have been actively involved in restoring the habitat in New Brighton Park (EastVancouver) by removing the invasive species of plants and shrubs, and replacing them with native species. More information is available from the link below.

Members of Nature Vancouver doing restoration work at New Brighton Park. Photos © Nigel Peck

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