Colombian Hummingbird Feeder Livestream

Colombian Hummingbird Feeder Livestream

Nature Vancouver closed out 2023 with an experiment: a livestream of birds (mostly hummingbirds) from a bird-friendly coffee plantation located in the mountains of Colombia near the town of Jardin.

Rene Montero now lives in Vancouver, but he is originally from Colombia where he has 15 years experience as a birding guide. Rene operates Jaguarundi Travel, a business he created to offer superb nature and cultural experiences in a sustainable way.

Rene’s family operates an organic coffee plantation near the town of Jardin. The area is very rich in bird life: a nearby ebird hotspot has recorded 389 species, including at least six hummingbird species! Rene traveled there for the holiday season and offered to point some cameras at hummingbird feeders to share the bounty with those of us wintering in Vancouver.

I think the experiment was overall a success and that the 15 people who attended mostly enjoyed themselves. We had good views of a Tropical Screech Owl and managed to spot the following hummingbird species:

We definitely need to work to improve the video quality next time we try something similar. The views we had were tantalizing but not clear, as you can see from the screenshot at the top of the page. I also need to find a better way to record the session. Unfortunately, this time Zoom was set to record speaker view, so if I said anything while a hummingbird was at a feeder the zoom recording shows the “Nature Vancouver” nameplate instead of the bird 🙁 Still, definitely worth trying again.

I look forward to our next attempt. Happy New Year, everyone!

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