City Nature Challenge & Nature Vancouver Collaboration

City Nature Challenge & Nature Vancouver Collaboration

Submitted by John Martin

The City Nature Challenge is an annual global event supporting Citizen Science. It’s a day where you are encouraged to get out and observe nature. You can record any living thing, birds, plants, butterflies, frogs, fungi etc. 

Click on GREATER VANCOUVER to get to the main City Nature Challenge project on iNaturalist. Here you will see 

  • the overall description and scope of the project. 
  • It includes some training on how to use / upload observations to iNaturalist.
  • It will list some training on how to help identify observations.
  • You can also see past bioblitz results.

For those new to participating in a BioBlitz refer to the following internet links. You can participate on your own, in a small group of friends or join outings such as our Nature Vancouver outings listed below. You decide how you wish to participate.

As an aid, there is a guide found in the resource section on the iNaturalist BC Parks project website to help you take photographic observations of many taxa (different living things). The primary website page is at the top select “resources” or use this link Scroll down and you will see a link to iNat Photo Guide. 

Contact for help and participation in the Nature Vancouver BioBlitz outings. Note you are free to make observations anywhere on your own or in small groups. The Nature Vancouver outings will all start at 9am and free to join.

  • Friday April 28 – Iona Beach Regional Park. Start at main washroom area in parking lot.
  • Saturday April 29 – Colony Farm Regional Park. Start at main washroom near garden plots.
  • Sunday April 30 – Burnaby Lake Regional Park. Start at Nature House.
  • Monday May 1 – Capilano River Regional Park. Start at Cleveland dam washroom area parking lot.
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