Cerise Creek Hike

Cerise Creek Hike

Leader Bill Kinkaid – Trip report by Charlene Stanford 

On October 27, 2018, a bleary-eyed (for Les and I), but smooth 7am start to our day at St David’s Church in North Van. Our group of nine consolidated into three vehicles, and hit the road right on time. We had a pit stop in Pemberton, and got to the chilly trailhead at about 10am, starting our hike at 10:15am. The  trail was in good condition and a bit icy in spots in the morning with pretty frozen leaves and tasty frozen blueberries to nibble along the way. Even the road walk was beautiful with everything frosted in the sunshine, and the snowy mountains surrounding us! The trail had a few gooey and muddy spots, and some questionable water crossings that required balancing on logs and holding on to a cable. Although a fall wouldn’t have been disastrous, it would have probably been painful and uncomfortably wet…not to mention embarrassing!

We had Elevenses at the fork for the glacier and the hut, and then we got to work puffing uphill to lovely Keith’s Hut. What a beautiful spot!  We had the hut to ourselves for lunch, and had a few laughs when one of the group got locked in the outhouse. After lunch, we wandered the snowy meadows looking longingly upwards at the ridges we hope to explore on our next visit.  Then it was time to head back down. The trail was a bit more muddy on the way back, but not too bad. We made it to the vehicles at about 430pm and had a severely rainy/stormy drive back to Vancouver.

Les and I really enjoyed our first hike with this group and loved chatting with everyone. Thank you, Bill, for allowing us to join and planning a great trip!

Note from Helen Gowans

After lunch in the hut I headed over to the outhouse alone. No sooner than I was seated that I heard a thump. The outdoor lever dropped down. I was locked in the lavatory! Tried several times to slide my knife blade through a very thin slit to try to lift the lever…to no avail! So, I took out my whistle and started blowing. No response. I kept on blowing adding the occasional call for help. Ultimately Bill arrived to my rescue. He’d been trying to identify my whistling alpine bird and heard my calls. What a trip leader! Thanks Bill.

Click HERE for photos on Flickr by Charlene Stanford

Click HERE for photos on Flickr by Bengül Kurtar

Cerise Creek Hike: Mount Matier, Anniversary Glacier and Mount Joffre
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