Nature Walk, Burnaby Lake, 2020-03-23 – Informal Trip Report

Nature Walk, Burnaby Lake, 2020-03-23 – Informal Trip Report

The following was not a Nature Vancouver field trip. Four of us went today to the trail North of Burnaby Lake and a bit down the Brunette River and back. From 9:30 to 2pm we walked along easy trails and saw many birds and flowers. We met about 60 people, all small groups and well spaced out. Within our group we were generally successful at maintaining 2m social distancing, with occasional brief lapses to 1m, usually when reading info. signs. We find it gets easier with practice, especially if you hike regularly with the same people.

For flowers we saw lots of Indian Plum (mostly male plants), Swamp Lanterns (skunk cabbage), and a handful of pink Salmonberry flowers. We photographed at least 2 kinds of Willow catkins and a few Sweetgale and Vaccinium plants in flower.

We saw lots of birds especially at Piper Spit. The most exciting was a rare Tufted Duck which Teresa reported to the BC Rare Bird Alert and eBird; she was told it would probably move North soon. Also seen were Towhees, Red-Winged Blackbirds, Wood Ducks, Dowitchers, Northern Pintails, Lesser Scaups, Green-winged Teals, Mallards, Chickadees, Robins, Swallows, lots of pigeons and some Crows.

My personal preference is to hike with a few people I know in groups of 8 or fewer. Vancouver Coastal Health (updated today March 23) still permits indoor and outdoor groups of less than 50 with appropriate precautions. Nature Vancouver has cancelled all official events.

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