Blakeburn Lagoons Park

Blakeburn Lagoons Park

Field Trip Report by Colin Clasen

Saturday October 13, 2018. Blakeburn Lagoons Park, Port Coquitlam. Leader Larry Cowan.

This was Nature Vancouver’s first birding field trip to this new park, which opened on April 28, 2018.

There was a total of 18 participants who enjoyed the mild weather conditions with mostly blue sky and no wind.

In just the 5 short months since opening, an impressive 119 land and water species have been recorded there.

During our 2-hour visit, we recorded a total of 30 species (8 water, 22 land) and our full eBird list can be seen here:

This is a very easy location to bird, with about 2 km of very smooth, wide, flat, crushed-gravel paths, completely wheelchair accessible. Click HERE for more information about the park.

There’s street parking at both the west side on Elbow Place and east side on Fremont Street, but Elbow Place is better.

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