Vancouver Christmas Bird Count

Vancouver Christmas Bird Count

The Christmas Bird Count is the oldest and longest running Citizen Science Project in the Western Hemisphere that started in Dec 1900.

Nature Vancouver sponsors the Vancouver Christmas Bird Count and is co-ordinated by Colin Clasen

The count is held in a circular area of 15 mile (24.14) diameter, divided into 25 areas labeled from A to Y. To participate in the Vancouver Christmas Bird Count, please select an area that you are familiar with and contact Colin Clasen for detailed instructions.

The map of the count circle below shows all 25 areas. Click on an area to see the description in the panel on the left hand side. To enlarge the map click on the square icon in the upper right hand corner of the map.

2021 Vancouver Christmas Bird Count

The 2021 Vancouver Christmas Bird Count was held on Saturday, December 18, 2021. Detailed reports of this year’s and previous counts are available from the link below.

Note: in 2020, the count was cancelled due to COVID-19.

A non-birder's take on Christmas Bird Count. © Jenny Hards
Nature Vancouver