A Walk in Bear Habitat

A Walk in Bear Habitat

Trip Report by Leader David Cook

On Thursday, August 1st., 2019, seventeen persons participated in this joint event for Nature Vancouver and the North Shore Black Bear Society (www.northshorebears.com).

Two habitats were selected for this event. One was in the coniferous forest of Lynn Canyon Park where bears had been foraging for insects in logs, and the other was in the adjacent Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve beneath Hydro lines where berry bushes and mountain ash had grown up to supply the bears with fruit. 

A den was viewed in the forest. Bear scats were seen in the berry-bush area. The bears had been eating Himalayan blackberry and red huckleberry which were ripening at the time.

The group near a log ripped apart by bears looking for insect larvae – Photo by Steph Bulman.
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