NV Camp Committee – Request for Volunteers

NV Camp Committee – Request for Volunteers

The Nature Vancouver camp committee is working hard to prepare for the 2020 drive-in Summer Camp at Big Bar and also to choose and get approvals for a location for the 2021 Alpine Camp. If NV camps are going to be offered each summer we need help to keep things moving forward.

We need more members to serve on the Camp Committee. We also need members to take on specific roles which do not require attending meetings, or rarely attending meetings.

Some of the specific needs are:

Book-keeping – This person does NOT have to handle any of the funds but is involved in budgeting for the camp, tracking expenses/costs against budget, submitting documented payment requests to the NV Treasurer for payment by cheque.

Truck Drivers – A five-ton truck goes to the first week of camp, that driver then returns in the one-ton truck that is driven to week two by another driver. We currently have only one driver. This is essential.

Camp Managers – Think about this as a co-camp manager role or manager in training. This is NOT the onerous task that you might imagine and the current committee is working to spread responsibility out to all committee and sub-committee people.

Equipment Manager – Our current equipment manager would like to retire so we need another person to take this over, with that person being a co-manager to begin with.

Administrator – It would be helpful to have a person to record and distribute minutes of the meetings, maintain documents that we keep on a Google Drive, and whatever else needs to be done for the committee.

Please contact the Camp Committee if you are interested in getting involved in one of the specified roles or as a committee member at large. We need your help!

Committee Co-chairs are Janet Snell, Sally McDermott and Diane Fast.   

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