2023 Summer Camp – Big Bar Ranch

2023 Summer Camp – Big Bar Ranch

28 January, 2023 Update

Both weeks of the drive-in camp at Big Bar have filled. However, we are taking a few names for the waitlist on week one and two. If you wish to be on the waitlist Email Elena.K.NVcamp@outlook.com. Once we have enough names on each waitlist we will stop collecting names. Waitlisted applicants need not send any money until they have been notified that they have been placed into camp. 


Adults $ 780 / person      Child < 18 yrs $ 390/  person

Refund Policy         

Upon confirmation, the $50/person deposit IS NON-REFUNDABLE. Final payment is required by May 15, 2023. Cancellations received after this date will receive a refund of 50%. No monies are refunded if the cancellation is received after June 30, 2023, unless a replacement is found.

Details About The 2023 Summer Camp

Camp 1: Sunday, July 9 to Sunday, July 16, 2023
Camp 2: Sunday, July 16 to Sunday, July 23, 2023
The first meal is dinner; the last meal is breakfast, with bag lunch for the road.


The 2023 summer camp will be a “drive in” tenting/RV camp on the Big Bar Ranch group sites near Clinton. The address is 5960 Big Bar Rd, Clinton B.C. V0K 1K0. https://www.bigbarranch.com/

Big Bar Ranch is situated near the southern rim of the Interior Plateau, at an elevation of 1,030m, but there are nearly 2,000 vertical meters between the low and the high points to explore. To the southeast of the ranch, the Marble range, a row of limestone mountains, top out at 2,243 m on the alpine summit of Mount Bowman. To the west rises the low dome of Big Bar Mountain, only 1,700 m but extremely wide. On the other side it drops spectacularly to the beautiful Fraser River canyon.

The Marble Range is a good hiking destination for moderate to strenuous hikes on all days. More hikes to Lime Ridge, Jesmond Fire Lookout with wild flowers, good botanizing and great birding everywhere.

Big Bar Creek, which took its name from a gravel bar, where the creek joins the Fraser River, inturn, gives its name to the whole area from Big Bar Lake around the north end of the Marble Range, some 15km away. From the heat and rocks along the Fraser, up through the bunch grass range, to the aspen groves, and finally the pine woods, there are enough ecosystems to explore where a previous camp recorded 168 species of birds.

Visits to the Gang Ranch and other local destinations might be organized. Local nature specialists will be invited for walks and talks.

A report of 2005 Summer Camp held at Big Bar Ranch was published in Discovery. It also included lists of birds and mammals seen in the area. Plant list was not published but a copy is available from the link below

What to Expect at Camp

For those who have not attended a Nature Vancouver (NV) summer camp, camp begins on Sunday with setting up camp. All campers complete various assigned chores to set up the shared facilities needed to live comfortably in a catered camp. Personal tents and RVs are then set up at a site of your choice and you are ready for dinner. Everybody works together to keep the camp running smoothly, with daily chores requiring volunteers. There will be many volunteer-led groups, with trips varying from easy strolls to more vigorous all-day hikes. Leaders often have a special area of interest such as birds, flowers, insects and mammals, local history, photography or painting. New trip leaders are always very welcome. Each evening a group gathering features trip reports, our own entertainment or a speaker.

We expect that participants in cabin accommodation will also volunteer for certain camp chores. Personal camping and hiking equipment is not provided.


Nature Vancouver aims to provide healthy and tasty camp food, while minimizing waste and our environmental footprint.  Even when leftovers are donated, surplus food uses up extra money, fuel, storage space, and labour time for cooks and campers. The camp fees include all meals and snacks.

Our camp has a dining tent and is fully catered by our wonderful cooks. Given our experience campers can look forward to delicious meals, ample quantity and plenty of variety.

There is no refrigeration for camp participants.

Although our cooks do their best to work with any food allergies and diet (vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant etc.) the food is presented buffet style. Despite attempts to keep food separate our experience is, that at times, serving utensils are unintentionally moved between dishes. Anyone with severe allergies needs to consider if this is the appropriate venue for them.


This year there will be several families from NatureKids Vancouver club joining Camp 2. Any other families with children are encouraged to sign up for Camp 2 as it will be more fun for all the children to be together at the same camp. Please note that parents are fully responsible for their children at all times (i.e., there is NO childcare!)

Camp Committee

Note that after 20 marvelous years as camp registrar, Elly has retired. New registrar is Elena Klein. Phone: 604-525-1125, Email: Elena.K.NVcamp@outlook.com

Diane Fast: Co-chair, Hike Co-ordinator Week 1

Shari Laszlo: Co-chair, Treasurer, Member of Budget Committee

Elena Klein: Registrar

Elly Brok: Member at large

Laura Cottle: NatureKids Liaison, Camp Co-Manager Week 2

Sally McDermott: Hike Co-ordinator Week 2

Brian Livsey: Equipment Manager

Nigel Peck: Camp Manager Week 1, Liaison to Nature Vancouver Board, Member of Budget Committee, Member of Catering Committee

Katy Poon: Member of Catering Committee

Paul Vasicek: Equipment Manager

Selena Wong: Member of Budget Committee

The references to each committee member specify their particular responsibilities only and each contributes equally in the planning and format of each camp. They welcome input and opinions before, during and after each camp. nv.campcommittee@gmail.com

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